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A Finnish Silver Cream Jug 1823 by O.R.Lundgren, Turku. Engraved with a leaf band and old monogram.
A Finnish Silver Creamer, circa 1851 by Carl Johan Martin from Pori. Engraved and partly gilded.
A Swedish Silver Snuff Box circa 1755, by Magnus Frolin, Vadstena, with an embossed Grecian scene. Superb condition.
A Russian silver pair of Sugar or Bliny Tongs circa 1900. Intricate filigree work and superb condition.
English silver Oil and Vinegar Bottles, Birmingham 1909, unusual interwined bottles with silver hinged tops. Condition superb. SOLD
A Finnish Silver Ladle from 1817, Vaasa, Carl Gestrin, beautiful shape and condition.
A Finnish silver Creamer from 1875, Vaasa, Fredrik Alfred Backstrom, gilt interior.
A Finnish silver Sugar Bowl, 1970 Hameenlinna of the same design as the Creamer from Vaasa (1875)
A Finnish Salt by Gustaf Gronholm, 1834, Helsinki, a silver bowl mounted on a three legged pedestal with intricate engraving. Superb condition. SOLD
A Russian silver Caviar Dish circa 1872, assayed by Josef Sosnkowski in Warsaw, the Russain assay office was open in Warsaw from 1852 to 1896. The dishes are scallop shell shaped and suported by a stylised scrolled silver rope and rectangular base.
An English silver sifter from 1888. London hallmark and makers mark E.F above H.T. Hallmarked to both the horn and cap. Beautifully detailed with stylised feet and dragons head. Superb condition.
A silver Irish Sauce Boat 1789 by Matthew Walsh, hallmarked Dublin, supported by three stylised feet. Superb condition.
A silver Cake Slice , French, circa 1890, by Louis Coignet, partially gilded with engraved decorations. In beautiful condition.
A Russian silver Salt by Henrik Lassas, St. Petersburg 1879, this is in the “old” Russian style, gilded inside. Excellent condition.
A pair of Russian silver Salts and Spoons, circa 1875, hallmarked St. Petersburg, Assayer Ivan Vonif Yestigneev.
A Finnish Silver Soup Ladle hallmarked Turku 1801, by C.F.Borgstorm.
A Swedish Sugar Bowl by J Wahlstrom hallmarked Jonkoping 1843 14.5 cm high, beautifully decorated and standing on 4 feet
A pair of silver candlesticks hallmarked Stockholm 1835 by Johan Petter Gronvall, 7 cm high, wonderful condition and avery attractive shape
A Russian Silver Sweets Basket by M.Dimtriev, assayed by Victor Savinkov and hallmarked Moscow 1873. With a chased birch bark decoration and a handle with a rope like thread.Gilt interior. Wonderful condition and a rare piece.
Two Russian silver salts.The larger from 1831, silversmith Mathias Henrik Kilpeleinen, assayer Antonovich Kovalbski, assayed in St Petersburg. The smaller one is from 1841, assayer Dimitri IIbich Tverskoi and the initials of the silversmith are EC or EO.St. Petersburg assay office. Both in excellent condition with detailed floral decoration to the edges.
Three silver strainer spoons, probably for tea, two are Russian and the third Finnish. Both the Russian spoons are from 1896, assayed in St.Petersburg, one with the makers initials of KS and the assayer AIII. One with silver gilt.
The Finnish spoon is by KS Sahtstelf from 1903, marked W4 and a gilded bowl. All in original condition.
A Silver JARDINIERE with cut glass inset. The hallmarks are indistinct but suggest to me English or possible Scottish. I believe from the appearance the age to be from the 1800’s. The motif of a Jacobean lady and gentleman of high rank and the handles of lion heads and detailed ribbon and scroll patterns would suggest high quality.
The glass insert is again beautifully detailed and in an English style. The glass insert has a small rim chip.

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