Meissen Porcelain

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A Meissen two branch Candelabra circa 1770, encrusted with flowers and with a flower seller and two flower baskets, some restoration.
A rare Coffee Pot and three Coffee Cups and Saucers circa 1735, by Johann Gottfried Klinger, applied with scattered naturalistic painted flowersprigs and painted with scattered insects, gilt edged rims and wishbone handles, superb condition, provenance Kensington Palace
A  rare Meissen Tea Bowl and Saucer Circa 1725-30 Each decorated in underglaze blue enamels and gilding, the tea bowl with continuous bands of flowers issuing from stylized rockwork, the saucer with flowers enclosed by a blue band. The rims have iron red trellis borders. The tea bowl has sprigs of flowers in the well. Crossed swords in underglaze blue. Provenance the Herman Wolfe Collection.
An extremely rare Meissen Tea Bowl and Saucer Circa 1725-30 Each decorated with lobbed rectangular panels painted in Schwarzlot and Kauffahrtei scenes of merchants and their wares by quaysides, enclosed by gilt scrollwork cartouches filled with Bottger lustre and embellished with puce scrollwork. Gilt numeral 88 to both. Provenance the Herman Wolfe Collection
A superb Meissen Beaker and Saucer Circa 1763-1774
Each decorated with the Chinese style flower painting with a stylized border in iron red and puce of interwoven flowers. Red rings to the underside of the saucer and foot rim of the beaker. Each with the crossed swords mark in underglaze blue for the period 1763 to 1774.
Meissen Coffee Cup and Saucer circa 1790
A beautiful Meissen Coffee Cup and Saucer with the Meissen mark for 1774 to 1815.
Wonderful paintings of exotic birds and insects.
The rims of the cup and saucer have a gilt pattern known as Gailereit and the stylized handle to the coffee cup has gilt highlighting

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