English Porcelain

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Two extremely rare Derby puce mark Chocolate Cups and Trembleuse Saucers circa 1794 with superb paintings by Richard Askew, these are museum quality pieces. One cup has a painting of a seated lady wearing a turban and holding a child set in an oval gilt frame and the other Cup magnificently painted with a seated lady in a crimson skirt holding a tambour hook in one hand and a framed embroidery in the other.
Puce mark with crossed batons dots and D
A Chelsea Red Anchor , circa 1756 superb shaped oval dish in exceptionally fine condition with a painted brown rim and painted in coloured panels with english flowers within a border of beautifully moulded cartouches enclosing four small sprays.
A Chelsea Brown Anchor period, circa 1758, cushion dish in very fine condition, beautifully painted in bright enamel colours with fruits, leafy sprigs, insects and butterflies, brown painted rim, 23.5 cms diameter
A Chelsea Brown Anchor Pate circa 1760-68, with painted feather edges and with a bouquet and scattered flowers.
A First Period Worcester Sauce Boat in pristine condition, moulded with overlapping cos lettuce leaves and painted in rich polychrome enamel with a the handle moulded as a twig. Circa 1755-56
An extremely fine Coalport Tea Bowl and Saucer, crca 1805.
Superb condition with gilt rims and gilt inner circles and borders. Painted with flower heads in brilliant colours on a gold ground.
A very scarce Coalport Coffee Cup and Saucer, of superb quality with an unusual patent mark of a registered design, with a date of 18th April 1850. Inside of the cup decorated with a gilt border and central mons. The cup and saucer have borders in gilt shells and scrolls over a brilliant blue ground and polychrome birds perched on feathers.
A Gold Mark Derby Plate, circa 1800, with a fluted border, painted by William Billingsley whilst at Mansfield
An extremely rare Puce Mark Derby Coffee Can and Saucer, circa 1785.
Each with a gilt rim and the crest of the Earl of Stanhope set against a superb yellow ground.
A rare Red Mark Derby Cup and Saucer, circa 1815 in wonderful condition, decorated in the Gold Anchor Chelsea manner, each piece superbly decorated with three reserves of gilt exotic birds in a landscape by Samuel Keys. Red 1 in the foot rim for Samuel Keys
A superb and rare Coalport Coffee Cup and Saucer, circa 1860, decorated by John Randall. Wonderfully decorated with pigeons against a woodland scene on the cup and three butterflies inside the cup. The saucer has a delightful scene of mullard ducks and a swan against a lakeside. Incredible fine detail by this famous decorator.
A Coalport Cup and Saucer, circa 1815. Of fine quality and in good condition,with embossed "c'' scrolls decorated in gilt against a blue ground and paintings of flowers, with an attractive kidney shaped handle.
A sumptuous Pair of Coalport Plates, circa 1840 by Stephen Lawrance.
With moulded rims in yellow and gilt, reserves of painted flowers, the centres beautifully painted with botanical specimens.
A superb Breakfast Cup and Saucer, circa 1820, att to S and J Rathbone. The cup is of Etruscan shape and painted internally with a bouquet of flowers and a floral border. The saucer is similarly painted with flowers and gilt rims against a blue ground.
A fine Trio, circa 1820, the cups of Etruscan shape internally decorated with reserves of painted roses with green leaves separated by blue and gilt scales. The saucer is similarly decorated. Att to Rathbone.
A Coalport, Anstice,Horton and Rose Period Trio, circa 1812. Pattern number 238. Gilt rims and a floral motif of roses and green leaves within gilt floral reserves.
A Coalport Trio, circa 1820, London shaped cups with floral arrangements in reserves surrounded by gilt borders and elaborate gilt leaves and vines against a blue ground.
A Spode Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1823. Pattern number 3575, a London shaped cup, the cup and saucer decorated with crimson ferns and flowers with gilt rims and leave arrangements.
A Worcester Chamberlain Plate circa 1825.decorated with a blue ground, gilt rims and rose motifs in brilliant colours. On the underside is the name Chamberlain, 155, New Bond Street. Some wear to the gilt.
A fine Coalport Tea Cup, Saucer and Creamer circa 1805.
This is the Church Gresley pattern, bute shaped cup , richly decorated pieces with gilt and diamond patterns of red and yellow and open diamond patterns of red and blue with central gilt stars. pristine condition.
A rare and extremely fine quality Coalport Cup and Saucer circa 1850.
The bute shaped cup has a cross over branch handle and a most unusual decoration of embossed gilt camels in a landscape of palm trees and reeds on a superb blue ground.
A Derby Coffee Can and Saucer circa 1815, with a rare gilt Derby Crown mark over crossed batons and loop. Decorated with gilt rims and arabesque pattern on a blue ground with the armorial crest and motto Kemyes-Tynte of Cefn Mably and Glamorgan
A very fine Chelsea Derby Teabowl and Saucer circa 1770.
Moulded spiral ribs enclosing moulded ferns with dentelle rim and a band of prettily painted flowers and leaves with a centrally painted flower. Anchor mark and script "D" in gold.
A magnificent Staffordshire Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1810.
London shaped cup with gilt vermicelli inside and superb paintings of flowers including lily of the valley against a gold ground
A very scarce Coalport Coffee Can and Saucer circa 1810.
Decorated with wide gilt borders above interlocking red hoops and purple dots. A superbly painted in black monochrome landscape scene.
A fine Coalport bute shaped Cup and Saucer, circa 1810.
The cup and saucer are superbly decorated with gilt rims and gilt chains. Magnificent roses are painted against a gilt ground. Pristine condition.
A magnificent Worcester, Flight, Barr and Barr period Cup and Saucer circa 1820.

Dentelle gilt rims and blue ground with arabesque gilt pattern and reserves of chrysanthemums in blue, green, orange and red.
A beautiful Minton Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1835. In fine condition with dentelle gilt rims, moulded borders and gilt framed reserves with painted roses and gilt dots above painted roses.
A superb Minton Cup and Saucer cira 1810.
The decoration is from the "Chinese Card Player" series, each painted with a chinaman in humorous pose. Pattern number 538
A scarce Miles Mason Cup and Saucer, Circa 1807. Pattern number 695. Bute shapd cup with gilt rim and reserves of ferns and framed patterns of leaves against blue and gilt grounds.
A rare Miles Mason Trio, circa 1820.
In superb condition, gilt rims and painted in the Imari style in red, blue and green. Pattern number 1279
An extremely rare Miles Mason Cup and Saucer circa 1805.
Of high quality and fine condition, decorated with clear prints from an illustration of "The Lady of the Lake'' against a dark blue border and brilliant gilt scroll work.
A superb Newhall Cup and Saucer, circa 1815, pattern number 2054.
In mint condition with reserves painted with flowers and separated by gilding on a dark blue ground.
A Newhall London shaped Cup and Saucer, circa 1815, pattern number 1700.
In pristine condition. Decorated with gilt rims and a border of stylised flowers in brilliant colours.
A superb, probably Grainger Worcester Pot Pourri, circa 1830.
Decorated with gilt rims, the bowl with applied twisted rope handles and applied and painted flowers and sprigs and leaves. The detachable pierced lid is painted with roses and with applied and painted floral and stalk finial.
A superb Spode Coffee Can and Saucer, circa 1815.
Decorated with undulating gilt leaf border over a band of beautiful yellow ground above a painted band of flowers and leaves, a band of gilt dots and painted cornflowers with gilt sprays.
A First Period, Dr. Wall, Worcester Teapoy, circa 1775.
Teapoy and cover of barrel shape and superb condition, decorated in underglaze blue with the 3 flower pattern and crest mark.
A First Period, Dr. Wall, Worcester,Coffee Cup and Saucer, circa 1768.
In extremely fine condition with gilt dentelle rim, beautifully painted with flowers in ribbed vertical panels alternating with painted flowers in a gilt cartouche with gilt flowers against a dark blue ground.
A First Period , Dr. Wall, Worcester Plate, circa 1765.
The rich Kakiemon pattern with a phoenix flying above another phoenix perched in exotic foliage. Provenance, the Southern Collection.
A Worcester, Barr Period Coffee Cup and Saucer, circa 1795. spiral dentelle ribbing with a gilt rim and blue bells in gilt frames. The scratch "B" mark.
A superb H & R Daniels Trio, circa 1830.
In extremely good condition, each cup of three moulded, painted and applied flower head feet and all the pieces have gilt rims and a superb claret ground bordering painted floral bouquets. Pattern number 4374.
An extremely scarce A & E Keeling Teabowl and Saucer, circa 1800.
In hybrid hard paste decorated with brown rims, brown inner line and borders of stylised flowers and in yellow, red, purple and green with leaves of black.
A superb H & R Daniels Trio, circa 1830.
Of the Shrewbury design beautifully decorated with alternate reserves of painted flowers and gilt birds on a buff ground under a dark blue ground border and "c" scrolls, the centre painted with shells, pattern number 3195.
A very fine Chelsea-Derby Teabowl and Saucer, circa 1770.
The borders with gilt rondelles on a tourquoise ground beneath gilt dentelle rim and above a gilt dentelle and plain gilt undulating band supporting green leafy swags and pendants. Gold Anchor and D mark.
A Coalport empire shaped Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1815.
The cup has a high loop handle. Painted with gilt rims with stylised iron red and glit flowers, buds and scrolls to the saucer and inside of the cup. Outside of the cup is decorated with gilt floral bands. Pattern number 900.
A fine probably Coalport Trio, circa 1812. with an imari pattern with the reserves set against a dark blue and pink ground with gilt stars. Within the cups have gilt and blue bands with vermillion flowers.
A Swansea Coffee Cup and Saucer, circa 1817.
The cup of London shape with gilt rims. with chrysanthemums painted in gilt against a dark blue ground and panels of beautifully painted bouquets of flowers and central imari pattern. Pattern number N219.
A Derby Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1815.
A Robert Bloor Period, red Derby Crown over crossed batons mark. London shaped cup and imari pattern with gilt rims, pattern number 52.
A superb Swansea Trio, circa 1815.
Cups of London shape, decorated with gilt rims, and vermillion ground with a Japanese pattern. Pattern number 259
A beautiful Swansea Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1815.
Painted in oriental manner with large stylised flowers with white and pink petals and orange and white centres and underglazed dark blue leaves with gilt rimming. The saucer has a stylised gilt flower. Swansea stencil mark.
A fine Swansea Trio, circa 1816.
The cups of London shape decorated with gilt rims and classic urns and painted pink roses and convulvulus. Superb condition. SOLD
A superb, First period, Dr. Wall, Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1765.
Decorated with gilt rims and three gilt framed reserves each beautifully painted with flowers against a powder blue ground and delicate gilt flowers and leaves.
A First Period, Dr. Wall, Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1770.
Reserves of chrysanthmums in red framed in gilt against a deep blue scaled ground.
A First Period, Dr. Wall, Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1765.
In superb condition decorated with gilt framed mirror shaped reserves painted with exotic birds and vase and wedge shaped gilt reserves painted with insects, all against a beautiful scale blue ground.
A First Period, Dr. Wall, Worcester Oval Dish, circa 1770.
Square seal mark. Of extremely fine quality with gilt moulded feather edge over a dark blue ground border with very rare gilded piercing and the centre painted with English flowers within an ornamental gilt frame.
A fine Hammersley Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1912.
A large and attractive cup and saucer with the Dresden Floral Pattern. A series of floral sprays with gilt rims. HL impressed mark and 12 for 1912
A Flight, Barr and Barr Period, Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1820.
Decorated with painted floral designs in puce, blue and gilt with gilt rims. FBB impressed mark.
A Ridgway Tea Cup and Saucer, circa 1815.
A fine London shaped cup, decorated with sprays of flowers with gilt and violet rims. Pattern number 2/63
This is something unusual for us! We have a 66 piece dinner service of Johnson Brothers China, English, date circa 1925. It is the Sterling pattern in Flow Blue with a beautifully embossed pattern. We have 22 dinner plates plus a full range of side plates, soup dishes, serving plates.Sauce boat and jug (SOLD). A good investment or may be wedding gift! All in excellent condition apart from one serving dish which has restuck handles.
Now we have dinner plates, soup plates and four serving dishes left

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